River Wisdom

River wisdom is the lore
passed on down by our fathers fore
down the fabled streams of yore
tales told and retold evermore.

They learned the lore when they were young.
They feared not the unknown
where legends lived and songs were sung
of portage, pool and stone.

They found the ways that led them deep
into the lonely places
up mountain high, down river steep
in search of ancient traces.

I sense them near me as I go
unlocking the forest's mystery.
Although they passed by long ago
I re-enact their history.

   Nanook of the Nashwaak
    Reach out and touch a rock 

Maliseet Indians
Maliseet chiefs and the clergy meet on the shore of the Saint John River many moons ago.
reenact (197K)
A modern-day re-enactment.

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