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   Kedron Stream

Magaguadavic: 2.7m;
North Oromocto: 1.2m
Thatsapaddlin says: "Nutter and I paddled the Kedron Stream on May 4 2018 from Big Kedron Lake to the Magaguadavic River. We had to carry our canoes about 750m down an atv trail to the outlet of the lake. The water levels were fine at this height. The biggest obstacles were numerous fallen trees blocking the stream in several locations. The stream had nice flow until a small deadwater but even that had some flow to it. After this there was a short rapid and about a 4 foot drop. There is a trail on river right. From here there is nice flow down to where the pipeline crosses. You can get out on river right and scout a small gorge just below. It was a fairly straight forward rapid. After the gorge there a few more rapids then calm water to the confluence. I'm glad I finally got to do this one but will likely not do again just because of the amount of sweepers. It's a shame because the river has a nice narrow flow and sharp turns.
Here is the video of the gorge."
Small gorge on Kedron Stream

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River level reports

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